Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wee, covering, dangerous under-water beasties

A few years ago a submarine surfaced off the West coast of scotland in the midnight hours. A rubber boat landed an indeterminate number of Israeli agents on the shore. they were met by some person unknown, who drove them down the long, lonely, winding road to Glasgow. The car was stopped by a police patrol, the agenst were arrested and later deported to Israel as "illegal immigrants".
The whole incident was given about one column inch in the controlled media in Scotland. Surely such a story deserved a two or three page spread, with photos of the agensts & their chaffeur, perhaps even his car? Leader writers should have speculated over the reason why they came here, and waxed indignant over the Israelis blantent breach of British law.
Imagine if the situation had been reversed & a British submarine had landed a number of British agensts on the shore of Palestine, to be met by a Briton claiming Israeli citizenship. It would have been news all over the world. Jewish orchrastrated street demos would have been held outside British embassies in a dozen countries, all ailing about the "anti-semitism" & waving placards saying "Never Again".
The masters of Hollywood would have sprung into action with a blockbuster showing Mossad & Shin Beth heroes foiling a plot by the wicked Brits to inflict a "second" holocaust on the peace-loving jews of Israel. The Israeli govt. would have demanded a grovelling apology from the wimps of Westminster and, naturally monitery compensation.
But in reality, it was British, not Israeli soverignty which was breached, there was a deafening silence. What we must ask is this: who decided the story of the submarine & the agents should only be given one inch of coverage on the inside pages of the Scottish press? Was it the same people who squashed any exposure of how Eretz Israel sold Exoccet misslies to Argentina which were launched against British ships to kill our lads during the Falklands campaign?
The left-wing "New Staytesmen" recently published an article by Matthew Kalman & Johyn Murrey entitled "New Age Nazism". This made much of the allegation that a staunch patrioty of long-standing, Mary Stanton, had been questioned by MI5 over her name being listed as a contact for "International Anti-semites". One might think that MI5 would be more usefully employed finding out who has so much power in the media that they can bury a story about Exocets from Israel being used to kill British servicemen, and reduce the submarine scandal to a mere column inch.
And we must also ask why did the Israeli agenst come here? Obviously they were up to no good. You can't land a submarine in the wee sma' hours off the West Coast of Scotland if you intend visiting the Edinburgh Festival. And who was the diver who met them? Was he a jew, born & bred in Scotland, with an impreecable background, even speaking with a pronounced Scottish accent? Where did he live? Did he plan to take his illegal guests to some safe house in part of Glasgow (Hillhead or Newton Mearns maybe) until they had completed their mission? Where was that house? Did it have the paraphernalia of the spy: radio communications equipment, code books, arms, special poisons, explosives & detonaters, lists of potential targets for assassination?
Why were none of these questions asked in our Parlament down in Westminster? Where were the Scottish representitives at the time? Were they too bust bevvying up on the late night train which carries them from their secretaries in London to their wives in Glasgow of a weekend, to bother themselves about such mundane affairs as the defence of the Realm? Or is it perhaps recognised amongst MP's that it is deadly to one's future career prospects to criticise blatent jewish involvement in other nations?
I personally knew three staunch anti-zionists who met untimely ends in Scotland. 1) Said Hammami, the PLO representitive in London, who was active with the British Anti-Zionist Organisation - Palestine Solidarity Group. 2) Robert Coleman, an organiser of BAZO-PS. 3) George Mitchell also a BAZO-PS organiser.
Said Hammami was murdered down the the London Bureau of the PLO. In shis study "To the ends of the earth", well-known author David Yallop tells us the Mossad were responsible. A man named Robert Coleman was murdered in the Parkhead district of Glasgow's East End. The Robert Coleman of BAZO-PS lived in nearby Shettleston & I haven't seen or heard of him since. George Mitchell, who could swim like a seal (he had used Townhead Baths, a hundred yards from his home, regularly since he was a child) drowned off the West Coast. The police announced there was no foul play, but they said the same about Willie MacCrae, the Scottish lawyer with zionist connections. MacCrae was found shot dead in his car, with the gun about 25 yards aay, yet the police said he committed suicide!
Is there an Israeli hit-team wandering about the country? In his book "By way of deception", former Mossad agent Victor Ostrowsky tells us that the agency does not hesitate to use criminal actions in other countries if they think it will help Israel. He explains in detail how literally thoudands of jews in Britain alone are organised to help them. Known as "sayanim", they provide cars, safe houses & the like to Mossad agents.
Somthing like that was clearly afoot that night on our ild coast. We will probably never know what, but the curtain of silence which decended over the incident provides a long-term lesson for British Nationalists. It will not be enough one day to replace a few hundred stuffed shirts in Westminster. Thousands of highly trained & motivated journalists and intelligence operatives will be needed to fill the gaps when we clear out the vermin who have betrayed our birthright.

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